Boost your Data Science and IoT skills and win a cash prize!

The SEnDIng* project has developed a MOOC for Data Science and IoT that is freely accessible to everyone interested to boost their skills at these two cutting-edge domains. The online courses developed for each domain are the following:

  • Data Science online courses
    • Introduction to Data Science (DS-EM1)
    • Applied machine learning (DS-EM2)
    • Python for Data Science (DS-EM3)
    • Storing and retrieving data (DS-EM4)
    • Statistics for Data Science (DS-EM5)
    • Data Visualization (DS-EM6)
  • IoT online courses
    • Introduction to IoT (IoT-EM1)
    • Architectural Design and Applications in IoT (IoT-EM2)
    • IoT Communication Technologies (IoT-EM3)
    • IoT Security and Privacy (IoT-EM4)
    • IoT Devices (IoT-EM5)
    • IoT Business Value (IoT-EM6)

We invite anyone interested to attend the online courses and take part in a competition to win a cash prize of € 200!

What you have to do by 31st January 2021 is:

  • Create an account at
  • Attend the 6 Data Science or 6 IoT online courses and complete the self-evaluation quizzes inside each course.

The 2 trainees that will achieve the highest average score at the self-evaluation quizzes of the Data Science and IoT online courses respectively, we will win €200.  In the case of a tie, a draw will take place to select the winner for each training program (Data Science and IoT).

Important note: Those who have already attended the MOOC (i.e., they have been registered to the MOOC before 21 December 2020) are not eligible to take part in the competition.

*SEnDIng is a project coordinated by University of Patras, Greece and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. It started on 1st December 2017 and will end on 31 January 2021. More information:

SEnDIng at PatrasIQ

The project will be represented at the 5th Technology Transfer Exhibition - Patras Innovation Quest (Patras IQ) which will be held on 27th, 28th and 29th of April 2018, at the Athletic Center "D. Tofalos" in Patras, and it is co-organized by University of Patras, the Ministry of Education, Research & Religious Affairs, the Ministry of Economy & Development, the Chamber of Achaia, the Region of Western Greece, the Hellenic Open University and the Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece. Its main objective is to create a critical competitive advantage both in the research community as well as in the productive sector, through a constant effort to solve problems and apply innovative ideas for the development of new products and services and the optimization of existing ones, which aspire to conquer a part of the national and global market.

More Info about Patras IQ at

Press Release


Data Science (DS) and Internet of Things (IoT) have been recognized as the technologies among the key drivers of change regarding the skills and competences required by IT professionals. The forecasted skills’ gap together with the rapid and continuous evolution of DS and IoT technologies and their broad application at many economy’s sectors make the skills required by the related occupational profiles increasingly sophisticated, and the need to be constantly updated imperative.

The Sector Skills Alliance for the design and delivery of innovative VET programmes to Data Science and Internet of Things professionals (SEnDIng) project aims to address the skills’ gap of Data Scientists and Internet of Things professionals and provide them with knowledge, skills and competences that meet the labor market needs. To achieve this goal, SEnDIng will develop and deliver to the two aforementioned occupational profiles two learning outcome-oriented modular VET programmes using innovative teaching and training delivery methodologies. Each VET program will be provided according to the blended learning model incorporating a strong work based learning component. Furthermore, a common reference scheme of competences, skills, knowledge and proficiency levels needed by DS and IoT professionals will be designed in accordance with European frameworks (European eCompetence Framework and ESCO), together with a certification scheme following the ECVET framework, to ensure that the produced results will be transferable and recognized among European countries.

The SEnDIng alliance brings together twelve partners coming from Greece (University of Patras, Greek Computer Society, Olympic Training and Consulting, Yodiwo, Mixanografiki, Unicert), Bulgaria (Bulgarian Association of Software Companies, European Software Institute - Center Eastern Europe, Code Runners, Nemetschek), Cyprus (University of Cyprus) and Ireland (Universal Learning Systems) with different profile, expertise and culture (higher education institutes, VET providers, IT associations, SMEs and a certification body) that share a common vision: to provide the European labor market with high qualified Data Science and Internet of Things professionals.

During the project’s kick-off meeting which took place in Patras, Greece, on 31st January and 1st February 2018 the project was presented to the partners and many fruitful discussions took place for the smooth start of the project and its implementation according to the defined timetable.

SEnDIng is a 3 year project coordinated by University of Patras, Greece and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. It started on 1st December 2017 and will end on 30th November 2020.

SEnDIng kick-off meeting