Frequent Asked Questions about the implementation of Data Science and IoT trainings

  • Q1. When the training starts and when does it ends?

    The training starts on January 2020 and ends on August 2020.
  • Q2. How and where the training will be delivered?

    The training will be delivered into three phases:
    • Phase 1: 103 hours asynchronous online training.
    • Phase 2: 20 hours face to face training that will be held in Athens, Patras, Nicosia and Sofia during 2 weekends.
    • Phase 3: 4 months work based learning. On-the-job training will take place at your business premises and there is the possibility to support you in defining the case studies your employees will work on, so that they are relative to your business activities.
  • Q3. Which is the timing of each separate training phase?

    The detailed timing of each separate training phase is depicted below:

    This timing is subject to minor modifications based on unexpected circumstances.

  • Q4. Is the aforementioned timing flexible?

    Yes, there is some flexibility. The online training may finish up to the end of March.
  • Q5. How trainees are certified?

    At the end of the training program the trainees will be asked to take a final exam based on multiple choice questions to get the training program’s certification. Trainees are eligible to take part in the final exam leading to the certification, given that they have successfully attended the online Data Science training (103 hours) or the IoT training (103 hours), the face to face training (20 hours) and the work based learning (4 months).
  • Q6. Is it possible for a trainee to attend both trainings programs (Data Science and IoT)?

    Yes it is. In this case the trainee will have to attend the online training of both programs, the face to face training once and the work based learning also once (provided that he will work on case studies of both disciplines).
  • Q7. Where the certification exams will take place?

    The certification exams will take place in Athens, Sofia and Nicosia.
  • Q8. Which is the cost for participation in the training and certification exams?

    No cost exists for attending the program and for participating in the certification exams.
  • Q9. Which are the prerequisites for participation in the training?

    The prerequisites for participation in the training are depicted below:

    The prerequisites of qualifications are evidenced by the diplomas demonstrated in the aforementioned table, while that of the work experience by tax or insurance data accompanied by an appropriate employer’s declaration or an employer's recommendation letter mentioning the participant’s relevant job description and the period of the assignment.

  • Q10. How the online courses will be delivered?

    The online courses will be delivered in an asynchronous mode.
  • Q11. What is required by the companies which take part in the trainings?

    The companies should provide the work based learning environment for the trainees to work on the assigned case studies. They should assign one supervisor to their employees attending the training program who will monitor their progress and support them (in consultation with the SEnDIng team) during the work based learning.

    Also the companies should verify the successful completion of the work based learning. During the implementation of the work based learning, the employees should fill a monthly progress report stating the hours worked on SEnDIng case studies and the tasks completed.