Greek Computer Society

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The Greek Computer Society (GCS) is a non-profit organisation, committed to representing all Greek scientists and professionals engaged in activities relevant to Computer Science, Information Technology (IT), Telecommunications and other relevant scientific areas. It was established in 1977 with the vision of becoming a world-class organisation for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Currently CGS numbers more than 5,000 members including practitioners, IT industry, academics and students in Greece and internationally.

CGS has a clear mission towards enabling the Information Society by promoting wider social and economic progress through the advancement of IT science and practice. CGS brings together industry, academics, practitioners and government to share knowledge, influence the development of computer and informatics education, shape public policy and inform the public. On this basis, GCS seeks to fulfill a number of strategic objectives:

  • Promote the use of Information Technology to the general public
  • Contribute to the development of scientific research on and education in Information Technology, throughout Greece and at an international level, and establishing synergies between research and education practice
  • Represent and support the professional development of Information Technology professionals in Greece and abroad
  • Develop professional codes of practice for Information Technology professionals
  • Provide technical consultancy on Information Technology to the State, when so requested
  • Contribute to IT standardisation processes in collaboration with national, European and international standardisation Bodies

Towards fulfilling the above aims, GCS:

  • Cares for the education and training of all IT professionals
  • Assists the general public to comprehend and become familiar with IT issues
  • Contributes to the profitable and fruitful use of IT by the general public
  • Offers consultancy services to the State as well as to organisations of both the private and the public sector
  • Compiles expert evaluations on technical matters, when so requested by individual organisations, private enterprises, etc.

Participates in the development of national, European and international specifications and standards related to ICT