Reference models for Data Science and IoT professionals

We have created 2 reference models of skills, e-competences and qualification needs for the Data Science and IoT domains. As main inputs we used the learning outcomes for the Data Science and Internet of Things vocational trainings from the one hand, and the structure of the European e-Competence Framework (including the results of CEN Workshop on ICT Skills as European ICT Professional Role Profiles) and the ESCO IT occupations from the other. In the reference models, we aligned the learning outcomes with the definitions provided in EU frameworks. Thus, using the multidisciplinary features of the Data Science and Internet of Things domains, we created a wide basis for the understanding of the skills and competences that could be adapted for different contexts and organizations. In addition, the standardization of a common language on ICT competences in e-CF and the common reference terminology in ESCO, ensure the transparency, comparability and transferability of the reference models between European countries.

The definition of occupational profiles, especially that of the IoT engineer and the mapping of the learning outcomes derived from the surveys among stakeholders and specialists in Data Science and Internet of Things with the learning outcomes defined in the European e-Competence Framework and ESCO was a key challenge we have faced.

For more information about the reference models, please refer to this document.