Yodiwo AE

4 Kato-Ano Kastritsiou, 26504 Patras, Greece

Yodiwo AE is a Greek "Société Anonyme" (S.A.) type of corporation, fully owned by the Swedish company Yodiwo AB. Yodiwo group is a provider of an innovative IoT cloud platform that accelerates the development and deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Such applications make use of sensors and actuators of heterogeneous ecosystems, cloud services, storage systems, dashboards and in general of every digital hardware or software function accessible from the network. Enterprise IoT applications that have been developed and deployed on Yodiwo cloud platform serve verticals such as retail, supply chain, building management, predictive machine maintenance, asset and people tracking.

Those applications make use of platform built-in or third party analytics, algorithms, dashboards, storage systems, mobile and desktop user interfaces. Each of those blocks or end user solutions are provided to Yodiwo customers, following a hybrid Platform and Solution as a Service business model (PaaS, SaaS). Yodiwo's IoT analysts team has also contributed to the digital transformation of companies and the training of their personnel to get accustomed to IoT technologies and open systems.

Through well defined seminars and workshops that the company organizes regularly, the partners of the company or individuals have the opportunity to think how they can leverage modern technologies and apply them to existing infrastructure in order to reduce the operating cost of their enterprises, to ensure their environment promotes well-being, security, privacy and safety.