This page provides access to all public deliverables of SEnDIng project:

Work Package 1: Project management and coordination

D1.4: Final project report

Work Package 2: Learning outcomes identification and design of vocational curricula/educational modules and training/ assessment methodology  

D2.1: Learning Outcomes in terms of knowledge skills and competences

D2.2: Reference model of skills, e-competences and qualifications needs of Data Scientists and IoT Engineers

D2.3: Vocational curricula/educational modules for Data Science and Internet of Things VET program

D2.4: Training methodology

D2.5: Training monitoring and assessment methodology

Work Package 3: Implementation of training material

D3.1: Training material for Data Science vocational trainings

D3.2: Training material for ΙοΤ vocational trainings

D3.3: Training material for transversal skills development

Work Package 4: Implementation of skills certification mechanism

D4.1: Recommendations for validation, certification & accreditation of provided VET programs

D4.2: Data Science VET program certification

D4.3: Internet of Things VET program certification

Work Package 5: Design of e-learning platform and delivery of vocational trainings

D5.1.2: Survey of e-learning solutions

D5.3.1: Open call for participation of companies in the vocational trainings

D5.3.2: Report about the delivery and certification of Data Science vocational trainings

D5.3.3: Report about the delivery and certification of Internet of Things vocational trainings

Work Package 6: Quality assurance and evaluation of project

D6.2: Evaluation plan and tools

D6.4: Impact evaluation methodology

D6.5: Final internal evaluation report

D6.6: WPs Quality reports for WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP7

Work Package 7: Dissemination and Exploitation

D7.2: Dissemination and promotional material

D7.3: Project presentations

D7.4: SEnDIng project website

D7.5: SEnDIng Newsletters

D7.7: Exploitation Plan

D7.8: Teaser for the project and MOOC

D7.9.1: SEnDIng Toolkit for Companies: ENBG, GR

D7.9.2: SEnDIng Toolkit for VET providers: ENBG, GR

D7.9.3: SEnDIng Toolkit for ICT proffesionals: ENBG, GR