Bulgarian Association of Software Companies

7, Boycho Voyvoda Str., Fl. 4 1124 Sofia Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Association of Software Companies - BASSCOM was established in 2001. BASSCOM is a non-profit industry association representing more than 80 leading companies developing software products and systems and offering comprehensive IT solutions, and over 120 associated members, among which universities, foundations, venture capital funds, etc.

The main objectives of the Association are to promote the Bulgarian software industry, to develop professionalism and competitiveness, to work for the improvement of the education system and the introduction of e-government in the country, to participate in creating and implementing policies for effective IT investments for the benefit of the entire society. BASSCOM is actively working to promote Bulgaria as a high-tech destination where software companies develop their own products and services with high added value, and to further develop the ecosystem by supporting and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.

As an active player BASSCOM has a key role in the whole process of creation and development of a stable and predictable business environment through: Legislation initiatives and advice on fiscal policy, education, lobbying, PPP initiatives, etc.; Support of the industry development and raising the level of competitiveness of ICT sector itself; Promotion of competitiveness of SMEs through education - strong communication between Branch Associations, Academia and Universities in order to create a competent, skilled and aspiring generation of IT professionals; Branding and export promotion of the sector; Support of SMEs internationalization, others.