Olympic Training & Consulting Ltd

Riga Feraiou 113, Pyrgos - 27131, Greece

Olympic Training & Consulting Ltd. (also called “OLYMPIC TRAINING”) was founded in 1995, in order to provide vocational training and lifelong learning services. We actively participate in research, national integrated programs and community initiatives. Engaging in European projects and transnational partnerships is a priority to us, since we believe in the transfer of innovation, good practices, and know-how in our global community.

The company operates nationwide, from the headquarters in Pyrgos, while there are branches in Patras (1995), Zakynthos (2000), Tripoli (2000) and Athens (2012). Currently the regular personnel consist of 29 employees. Over 25,000 trainees have been trained by us so far and more than 4,500,000 manhours of vocational training have been carried out.

The objectives of Olympic Training are in detail: 

  • To promote investment into human resources towards faster vocational and entrepreneurial development.
  • To contribute to employees’ mobility, flexibility and adaptability
  • To contribute to the increase of self-employed and SME competitiveness.
  • To promote the employability of the unemployed.
  • To promote the inclusion of socially vulnerable groups.
  • To promote applied research in the field of adult education at a local and international level.
  • To promote the full exploitation of new technologies both in professional and everyday life.
  • To contribute to the perception of lifelong learning as a way of life.
  • To accelerate the dissemination of innovative educational methodologies into the Greek vocational training system.