Nemetschek Ltd

Industrialna 11

Nemetschek Bulgaria is one of  the first professional software houses in Bulgaria, established in 1998. We were operating as R&D Lab of German holding of software companies Nemetschek AG, Munich till Y2002.
Since then, we changed our shareholder structure and became independent software development company (with minority stack of 20% belonging to ex-mother company).

Our main activities are building and expanding special dedicated teams for the needs of our long-term partners.
Main markets that we are acting on are USA, Germany, UK, Norway, Italy, France, Belgium, Middle East and South East Europe.
We have 250+ professional software engineers with knowledge about all modern software development technologies, as well as process management culture based on formal CMMI L2/L3 certification, mixed with AGILE techniques based on SCRUM and Kanban.


Technologies Expertise

Java SE 1.6 platform, J2EE 6, EJB 3.0, XML, Spring 3.0, Struts, Hibernate 3.3.2, JSP/Servlets, MyFaces, RichFaces, IceFaces, GWT, JavaScript, Intershop Enfinity 2.0, Java 2D & 3D extensions, all AS incl.WebSphere, WebLogic, Jboss, Jrun, Tomcat, etc.;

Microsoft Visual C++, MFC, MS .Net Platform, C#, ASP, Silverlight;

PHP, MySQL, Delphi & Object Pascal, Client-server and distributed processing;

Oracle Suite, including OAS, LDAP, IFS, Workflow Engine, etc.;

All major DB engines, incl. Oracle 11g, MS SQL Server 2005/2008, Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere, InterBase, Db2, etc.;