Testimonials from SEnDIng partners

Atanas Yanev, Software Engineer at Code Runners

"Living in an age of IoT and computing, it is important to get the fundamentals in order to be able to manage and develop next generation of connected factories, industries and domains. The training was definitely useful for me, since my keen interests are in IoT domain."

Dimitropoulou Panagiota, Partner at Mixanografiki Ltd

"The knowledge offered from the SEnDIng project, has a particular importance in our company, as it gave us the opportunity and reinforce us to learn more and plan Data Science and IoT projects, on which we work on."

Teresa Papagiannopoulou, Coordinator of EU projects at Olympic Training and Consulting Ltd

"The SEnDIng project experience contributed to our better understanding and the development of a certain familiarity with the new digital environment that COVID-19 pandemic brought forward earlier than anticipated in the everyday practice of the provision of VET services."

Nikos Kostis, VP Engineering, Yodiwo

"SEnDIng helps us by providing a robust framework and guidance for training, and for doing so in a highly effective and non-disruptive manner. We plan to embrace its teachings in all our on-the-job training efforts"