SEnDIng presentations at IISA 2019

The SEnDIng project was presented at the 10th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications (IISA 2019), which was held in Patras, Greece, (15-17 July 2019). The IISA conference is technically co-sponsored by IEEE.

During the Posters Session Dr. Rigou presented the macro-level design of the learning outcomes (in terms of knowledge, skills and competences) of the SEnDIng multi-disciplinary VET training for Data Science and IoT. The macro-level design is based on a desktop research and a survey conducted among the VET program beneficiaries, which are companies running Data Science and/or Internet of Things projects. The survey took place in April 2018 and addressed organizations that are knowledgeable and experienced in IoT and Data Science domains.

In addition, SEnDIng was presented during the Projects Session along with other research projects and there was a vivid interest from the audience about the training activities that will be carried out, the recruiting process and the methodological approach to work-based training.