Code Runners Machine Learning initiatives

Code Runners, partner of SEnDIng consortium, participated in the QuBit conference, held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 14 November 2019. QuBit is a cybersecurity community event which is taking place each year in the region of Central Europe. It aims to connect regional communities in order to become a united international cybersecurity community. The event was organized for first time in Prague on 2014. The 5th annual conference held on 2018 attracted more than 250 professionals.

Code Runners tech lead Dimiter Shalvardjiev presented how Machine Learning raises the stakes on both sides of the information security barrier. The focus of the talk was on the various ways in which Machine Learning supports both offensive and defensive information security practices. Dimiter gave relevant examples of Machine Learning applications providing enhanced protection compared to conventional information security practices. Dimiter also presented recent real-life case studies on data security violation and how a professional can manage with them using Machine Learning technologies.

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